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From: Leszek J. Kowalczyk
Date: Sunday, June 28, 2015

What do you get?

Access to GetSlimLifeWin.com forum, where I show you how you can lose weight and get slim.

And my program works, I assure you.

You may check my youtube video if you want to know more.


The price for two years long full membership in my GETSLIMLIFEWIN program is


This is special, short-time offer. The price will be going up gradually, until it some day reach $197.

Who am I?

Leszek Kowalczyk GetSlimLifeWin
My name is Leszek J. Kowalczyk and I'm living in Poland. I was a fine athlete when I was young, but when I finished formal education at Warsaw University (Master of Physics) and took a job, my weight started go up. In the end I had substantial overweight about 50 pounds and suffered all the unpleasant consequences of it. For years I was desperately trying, without success unfortunately, to reduce weight.
I tried over and over:

  • different diets
  • 2-3 weeks long fasting
  • intensive exercises in gym (once it was everyday for 6 months)

I also have run over 1,500 miles on my home cross-trainer! But my weight still was going up instead down. Yes, I managed temporarily lose few pounds  but such effect never lasted for long. After a month or two I returned to the start point. In the end, tying shoelaces was a challenge. I looked awful and so fat. I hated my photographs taken on family meeting. I couldn't make simple exercises and my health was deteriorating. I couldn't stand it anymore! I was very determined to lose weight, but unfortunately methods recommended by experts didn't work for me. I had to do it on my own.
So I throw away all diets, tips, recommended exercises and dietitians advice. Using gained knowledge and vast personal experience I created my own original method: simple, extremely effective, safe and healthy! My top priority was health. And it worked fantastically!  I have lost 55 pounds, my health has improved and I look... a little better, at last! :)

I feel way better now, and I am much more active, energetic person!

What I have achieved, you could achieve too!

What you should know before you buy access to my program:

  1. My English is communicative, but I'm making a lot of errors.
  2. My website is simple, do not expect too much. No fancy outlook, my videos have webcam quality.
  3. I'm not offering you a magic pill. You have to be prepared for changes in your life style if you want to use my GSLW program.
  4. You need to be motivated and have a lot of determination to get slim.

Are you ready for some necessary sacrifices?
GetSlimLifeWin program (GSLW) is a comprehensive method aiming at healthy and efficient weight reduction. GSLW program is an effect of many years of my personal experience and efforts to get slim. It takes care about all aspects of process of reducing weight: from understanding psychological challenges and mental obstacles, through diet, motivation tips and proper support.
It is tested in action and really works, I assure you.
There is no magic in my program, just like there isn't in any other. The difference you'll see weighing yourself in the morning. That's the value of my experience and years of my struggle against overweight. GetSlimLifeWin program is not for heroes but for normal people, with all their weaknesses. Yet it still works.

So what can you expect?

You will learn to eat and live in a healthy way. Your lifestyle changes. With minimal effort you'll reduce your weight and - with enough persistence - even get slim! Your health will improve greatly. You'll see phenomenal health benefits that are much more effective than medications. Lowering body weight will reverse or prevent diabetes; strengthen your heart; lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels; and improve sleep apnea and other sleep problems - along with helping you feel better about yourself. If you are more than 40 years old, and your joints are aching - forget about it! There is a good chance that your pain will disappear completely! You will feel and look 15 years younger!


My program works! And is not for any superhumans, but for ordinary people, with all their weaknesses. And does not cost thousands of dollars. In fact, is almost free for now.

With my help you will reduce weight, improve health, gain more energy and confidence. Your life will change for the better. You will unlock your full potential. It is a breathtaking, full of happiness, magical experience.

As Benjamin Franklin said:

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Give me your persistence, and I help you to fulfill your dreams.