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GetSlimLifeWin system (GSLW) is a comprehensive method aiming at healthy and efficient weight reduction. GSLW system is an effect of many years of my personal experience and efforts to get slim. It takes care about all aspects of process of reducing weight: from understanding psychological challenges and mental obstacles, through diet, motivation tips and proper support. It is tested in action and really works, I assure you.Learn More

GetSlimLifeWin system works like a charm, but not without your cooperation. If you actually decide to buy my system, you should first know a few things.

First, I expect that you want REALLY BAD to get slim. You must be determined to do it. And you definitely prefer natural methods over dangerous weight-loss pills, playing with your hormones and metabolism. No shortcuts.

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My name is Leszek J. Kowalczyk (nickname JK) and I’m living in Poland.
I was a fine athlete when I was young, but when I finished formal education at Warsaw University (Master of Physics) and took a job, my weight started go up. In the end I had substantial overweight about 50 pounds and suffered all the unpleasant consequences of it. For years I was desperately trying, without success unfortunately, to reduce weight.

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